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New Year’s Aspirations

I like the word ASPIRATIONS. It sounds more forgiving than resolutions, targets and goals. It is one of those words you come across and you think ‘yeah, that could be me, having aspirations for the new year.’ So here are … Continue reading

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Experimental writing – Help! I can’t do it!

I always experiment with my writing. Despite writing for so many years, I still try to find ways to make it better, brighter, funnier, more clever etc. I also try to make the process smoother. I try different ways of … Continue reading

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When I feel frustrated

One of the things I wanted to work on this year was to try harder to find solutions to writing issues instead of simply giving up or skipping a particularly difficult passage. Even though I have tried, sometimes it can get … Continue reading

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Synopsis writing

I am redoing the synopsis to my latest novel, and I realise that the synopsis is much more exciting than the actual novel. My crystal ball, tells me there will be a major rewrite ahead to get my novel to … Continue reading

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Online editing course

I have just finished the first exercise in the online editing course I am doing and have realised that my main characters are all wrong compared to what I wanted to write about. What is currently a story about a … Continue reading

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Editing and free writing

I am at the exciting time of editing my historical novel I am writing in Swedish. Exciting for two reasons. I haven’t touched this manuscript for almost three months, so I am approaching this with fresh eyes, which turn out … Continue reading

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A major rewrite

Returning to my other writing projects, now that NaNoWriMo is over, I am setting out to do a major rewrite on my thriller. I have known since I finished it that it was too short for the publishing market, actually … Continue reading

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I am committing a cardinal sin of NaNoLand…

…I am editing……A big no, no in NaNo circles. I have, however, a very good explanation for it. I am writing in English, which is not my first language and often what happens when I write quickly in English is … Continue reading

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First Feedback

The first feedback has come back from my Beta readers and it is actually not that bad. There were some glaring mistakes, such as that there are no rear-view mirrors in a lorry (duh!) and some places where they were … Continue reading

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Gruelling first edit of Escaping your past

I always thought editing was more fun doing than the first draft, because the hard part is already done, the getting the words on paper bit. Now I am not so sure any more. I am editing my thriller Escaping … Continue reading

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