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Waste Management

If you have read this blog for a while, you know that I have a passion for the environment and I’m trying to make improvement to live a better, more sustainable life. Today however I will write about not actual … Continue reading

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Set another goal, dream another dream

‘You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.’ – C.S. Lewis This was a quote I found and put in my Bullet Journal to remind and inspire me when I do my mid-year goal reviews. … Continue reading

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The last month I’ve been struggling with my writing. I had set myself a deadline to rewrite of one of my old NaNoWriMo novels to finish by the end of May. I had already fallen a bit behind, but knew I could … Continue reading

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A brilliant plan

The April A-Z challenge is always a busy period for me. Fun, but busy. This is where my love of planning comes in handy. I love a great plan. I love to set up a great plan. Sometimes I even love … Continue reading

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A-Z Theme Reveal

I love books. There are few things in life that give me more pleasure than spending all day in bed with a cup of coffee and a book. Hence this year my A-Z blog challenge is going to be all about … Continue reading

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It’s Back!

It’s that time of the year again, when I challenge myself through the A-Z challenge to write a blog post every day in April, all with a specific theme (revealed later in the month). It is the ninth annual challenge, but … Continue reading

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Sweet Valentine

A day like Valentine’s Day makes me think about the connections we make with people throughout our lives. There are the brief flighty moments with people we meet in a situation that are important at the time, but with age … Continue reading

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Protecting my writing time

I read this blog from Victoria Griffin about protecting your writing time from the many distractions, and I think that is something many writers struggle with when you have to juggle a day job, family and everything else that is going … Continue reading

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February FIRST

All through 2018, on the first day of the month I will publish a photograph and journal about what it means to me. This is an exercise I will do to further develop my writing. If you have the time … Continue reading

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New Year’s Aspirations

I like the word ASPIRATIONS. It sounds more forgiving than resolutions, targets and goals. It is one of those words you come across and you think ‘yeah, that could be me, having aspirations for the new year.’ So here are … Continue reading

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