Synopsis writing

I am redoing the synopsis to my latest novel, and I realise that the synopsis is much more exciting than the actual novel. My crystal ball, tells me there will be a major rewrite ahead to get my novel to be as exciting as the synopsis!

Writing a synopsis is a challenge. It forces you to think deep down and explore what your novel is really about and why every major character has a place in your story. It is quite a good writing exercise in general. Even if I plan my novels quite a bit before I sit down to write I can see where I have slipped when it comes to this novel, somewhere on the way I lost what I wanted my novel to be about. Thinking ahead I am going to include rewriting the synopsis, as I am writing the first draft of the actual novel. I hope this will help me stay on the right track, or at least contemplate what I am writing and why.

Despite working from an outline from the beginning I have felt this novel slowly veering out of my control, becoming something different, and less exciting that I had first envisaged. Rewriting the synopsis again, is helping me finding my way back to the novel I wanted to write when I sat down and wrote the first lines.

As you might recall I am doing an editing course online, which has really opened my eyes as to what I want this novel to become. It is far from there yet, but at least with a great synopsis I can see where it is going and what I need to do to get it there.

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