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Protecting my writing time

I read this blog from Victoria Griffin about protecting your writing time from the many distractions, and I think that is something many writers struggle with when you have to juggle a day job, family and everything else that is going … Continue reading

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18 before 2018

I recently created my 18 goals before 2018. This fun and helpful exercise I found out about from BohoBerry who also got me into Bullet journal some months ago. She got it from Lisa Jacobs who has done this for some years now … Continue reading

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Experimental writing – Help! I can’t do it!

I always experiment with my writing. Despite writing for so many years, I still try to find ways to make it better, brighter, funnier, more clever etc. I also try to make the process smoother. I try different ways of … Continue reading

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The Art of Chaos

I’m a very messy person, which anyone who has tried to enter my room can attest to. I work best if I am surrounded by what I’m currently working on. I often have piles of notes everywhere, that I know … Continue reading

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Working with a new computer programme

I have long been old school, simply using a word document for my writing. I would open a new document and start typing. Not worrying about needing to move scenes around etc. I always started at A and went through … Continue reading

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Food waste and our environment

The other day when I went to the supermarket, an elderly man came up to me when I was looking through the reduced price food section and asked if I needed money. Once I recovered from the shock of the … Continue reading

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New Project

  I am writing again (hence the hiatus). It feels good. A new project to concentrate on. Writing new material, meeting new characters seeing what impossible situations I can put them in. Not unlike the feeling you get when you … Continue reading

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Gruelling first edit of Escaping your past

I always thought editing was more fun doing than the first draft, because the hard part is already done, the getting the words on paper bit. Now I am not so sure any more. I am editing my thriller Escaping … Continue reading

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#CampNaNoWriMo is starting to show up in my twitter feed and part of me thinks it is a good idea to join them around the campfire. I do have an idea for another thriller that I started sketching on yesterday, official opening day … Continue reading

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Five things I keep with me for my writing

Inspired by My Two Cents these are my five things I keep for my writing. Notebooks. Lots of them in all sizes, shapes and colours. I think I share this with many other writers, because of their variety in shape and … Continue reading

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