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A year of Edits

This year I don’t plan to write any new novels. I have three manuscripts that are in different stages of editing where I want to complete the next step. Coincidentally all three of them are old NaNoWriMo novels, which means they … Continue reading

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Rough start to the year

January was rough. It felt like everything that could go wrong or mess up did. I never found a rhythm at work and things kept piling up. It was one of those months when you  wished you could add a … Continue reading

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I didn’t do as much writing this summer as I would have liked to, because once I got the time off, I decided to focus on other things in my life. This week I am therefore determined to set some … Continue reading

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New Year’s Aspirations

I like the word ASPIRATIONS. It sounds more forgiving than resolutions, targets and goals. It is one of those words you come across and you think ‘yeah, that could be me, having aspirations for the new year.’ So here are … Continue reading

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Synopsis and new projects

Have you ever had the feeling when you read through your synopsis and in the back of your mind, playing on repeat is a much more interesting story? Is this the time you should ditch your first attempt and go … Continue reading

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Experimental writing – Help! I can’t do it!

I always experiment with my writing. Despite writing for so many years, I still try to find ways to make it better, brighter, funnier, more clever etc. I also try to make the process smoother. I try different ways of … Continue reading

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Synopsis writing

I am redoing the synopsis to my latest novel, and I realise that the synopsis is much more exciting than the actual novel. My crystal ball, tells me there will be a major rewrite ahead to get my novel to … Continue reading

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Yellow daffodils

Spring is here and it feels lovely in the warm London sunshine (I even wore shorts on my run today). I bought a bunch of daffodils and their lovely yellow colour is brightening up my desk. Daffodils always remind me … Continue reading

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Online editing course

I have just finished the first exercise in the online editing course I am doing and have realised that my main characters are all wrong compared to what I wanted to write about. What is currently a story about a … Continue reading

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Editing and other stuff

It took me exact three months and a day to finish the latest edit of my thriller. No news from any agents yet. Thought I did get an encouraging (non-standard) reply from one. There are still some agents on my … Continue reading

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