New Year’s Aspirations

I like the word ASPIRATIONS. It sounds more forgiving than resolutions, targets and goals. It is one of those words you come across and you think ‘yeah, that could be me, having aspirations for the new year.’

So here are some of my aspirations for this year.

I aspire to finish yet another round of editing for one of the novels that I have been working on since NaNoWriMo 2011. It has taken yet another disguise, which has required some re-writes and new edits. I have given myself a deadline of April to finish it, and then I’ll decide what I’m going to do with it.

Another old NaNoWriMo story I aspire to finish this year is from 2014. As soon as NaNoWriMo finished, I knew that I would have to re-write the whole thing, it was not interesting enough and even over just 50 000 words I struggled with the plot. After much contemplation I cut out the main character and moved the focus to one of the smaller characters, deepened her personality and set out a new outline. Now ‘all’ I have to do is re-write the whole thing. I have given myself until May to finish this.

I’m hoping to juggle the two stories throughout the week. I like to have more than one thing to work on at the time.

In my personal life, I will continue with my aspirations from last year to think more about my impact on the environment. I am monitoring my use of plastic bottles, non-reusable coffee cups and plastic bags for example. I started this toward the end of last year and I realised that I used much less of everything if I had to write it down every time.

I’m also setting up a new spending and saving habit that will take me trough the year and hopefully serve me well in the future too.

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  1. That all sounds very good! My aspirations include selling our house (and moving somewhere bigger), continuing to implement my marketing plan, and yes, finishing off some of my novels in progress. 2018 is the year of getting it done! 🙂

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