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How I get through my edits

Even though I am enjoying the edits I’m focusing on this year, there are still days when I rather work on something new and shiny than going back to something I have seen so many times before. I solve this … Continue reading

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Book Review

Sometimes when reading non-fiction books I come across a book that I am nodding along to all the way through. Men Explain Things to Me, and other essays by Rebecca Solnit is one of those. I agreed with almost everything … Continue reading

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World Book Day

Today is World Book Day, a celebration of books, authors, reading – three of my favourite things and this year they are celebrating 20 years of encouraging children to read. So many books written and read in this time. There … Continue reading

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What do you write and why?

Fellow novel writers, do you enter short story competitions? Or do you stick to one form? I flutter between the two, mostly because I enjoy both. However, I often find that as I’m working towards a deadline for a short … Continue reading

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Facing your fears

Recently I asked for an adjudication when I sent in a short story for a competition, to see how I fared and what I need to improve on. It is now two weeks since I got the email with the … Continue reading

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I’m a winner!

I am incredibly happy and honoured to be the winner in the Literary category of Miranda Dickinson’s New Rose 2013 short story competition. I was so surprised when I found out. When I sent it in, I wasn’t too happy … Continue reading

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Short stories are difficult to write

I’m struggling to write a short story for a competition entry. Writing to a specific word count, I have to be careful with the words I use and my problem is always that I want to say more than there … Continue reading

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