Experimental writing – Help! I can’t do it!

I always experiment with my writing. Despite writing for so many years, I still try to find ways to make it better, brighter, funnier, more clever etc. I also try to make the process smoother. I try different ways of telling the story, edit and research. What I do however come back to all the time, is that I like things to be done in a linear way. If I need to go from A-E I will follow it through, I can’t skip C and D and come back to it later. My challenge is to write and think outside the box.

On a project I have edited for what feels like a very long time, I tried to pick out scenes and edit them individually, not focusing of what came before or what comes after, just what I had in front of me. I approached it this way because I wanted to edit the language rather than the story in itself. It has not gone to well.

The feedback I get from my Beta readers on this piece is that the premises of the story is good, but they don’t care very much for the characters or the setting. It is suppose to be a historical novel, but at the moment, the feeling is that it could be set anywhere, with any character. This is why I wanted to work with different key scenes to make sure that they are provoking feelings for the people and places, but I just can’t do it. I can’t skip from one scene to another, my brain interrupts me, demanding to go back to the beginning, even if I plan to go over them all at one point.

How can I get my methodical brain to follow a path that my creative side will be better for the story in the long run?

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