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Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite

I have decided to take my NaNoWriMo novel from last year and re-write the whole thing from scratch. I wasn’t happy during November when I wrote it, nor at the end of the month when I crept over the finish line. … Continue reading

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March LAST

This year I have skipped from FIRSTS to LAST. My goal is to make a top ten list of something that happened to me during the month. The lists will be as topical as I chose, it might associate with something … Continue reading

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A-Z 10th year anniversary

In April I am gearing up for another A-Z month, where you blog very day (except Sundays) for the month and visit other people’s blogs in the community. A-Z challenge is a good exercise in writing but it is just … Continue reading

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A year of Edits

This year I don’t plan to write any new novels. I have three manuscripts that are in different stages of editing where I want to complete the next step. Coincidentally all three of them are old NaNoWriMo novels, which means they … Continue reading

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Further reflections on January

Last week I was a pouring out of my frustration with not getting enough done and always feel stressed about not doing enough, through the whole of January. Since then I took some time to reflect about the month and … Continue reading

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New Year’s Aspiration

This post comes a bit later in the day than usual, it has been one crazy start to the new year. Therefore it feels extra calming and relaxing to sit down and take the time to finalise my aspirations for … Continue reading

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TBT – 2018 Goals

At the end of the year, I like to look back at the goals (aspirations) I set in the beginning of the year and also any changes I have made to them over the year and additions I have made. Throughout the … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo – END

It was a challenging year for NaNoWriMo. I liked the premises of my novel and I was excited to finally get to write the second installment of my historical novel. However, I knew setting off that I hadn’t done enough … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo – Last Week

Last week. One week left. We’re in the home run, it is time for the final sprint. I can see the finish line. And about 300 other cliches that I can think of. But this is how I feel every … Continue reading

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19 Goals Before 2019

Last year I came across the concept of setting 18 goals to accomplish before 2018, so this year I am doing the same but of course increasing the goals to 19. I found it very helpful last year to have … Continue reading

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