Time to Knuckle Down

We’re almost half way through July and I have about a week left of the school year. This should technically be the time when I can start relaxing and enjoying the school holiday, however this time usually end up being my most busy time.

During the year, there are so many things I put aside for later (my someday, maybe list) and the summer holidays is the time when I am determined to get everything off that list. I need to knuckle down to get it done, no matter how much the sun is shining and how many offers of Pimm’s in the park offers I get.

It is tricky to find the balance between relaxing & having fun with friends and finish off my to do list. I try to plan for both. One summer I decided I was not going to spend any time inside catching up on work, but instead made a plan to finish them off during the autumn and winter when it is cold dark and rainy anyway. What I didn’t think of was that once the term starts, there are so many small things coming up that I didn’t have the time to start any large projects, instead I ended up feeling stressed all autumn term and not happy with myself.

I learnt from my mistake and now I try to find a balance between the two. This year I will be getting things done early, just after school finishes and then I have two weeks in Sweden, relaxing, hanging out with friends, then another two weeks when I get back when I have to make sure all my classes are up and ready to go for the new term. A perfect plan, or at least as perfect I can make it.

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