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Phew, an other crazy April blogging month is over. Every April 30 I can’t help but feel quite content to go back to my normal, once a week blog schedule. Thinking of all the free time I will create in my calendar. Free time that I can spend reading one of the many books that have been recommended to me during this journey.

Thank you every one who read my posts and recommended a book, I have grown my TBR and it has now officially reached above the books I’ve already read. This can be interesting for the future.

As to my own challenge of commenting more on other people’s posts, I think I did quite well in the beginning of the month. I deliberately took time out of my work day (as a self-employed gymnastics coach I have the luxury of a flexible schedule) to visit everyone who left a comment on my blog. I also tried to go through the very long list of people posting on the list every day, which proved to be a bit more of a challenge considering the vast amount of people participating in this challenge, but I like to think that I went through a big chunk of the challengers and I tried to comment on every post I visited. I have difficulties commenting on blogspot pages, as it keeps sending me back to review my post, which then means that if I am in a hurry I end up not posting a comment. Does anyone else coming from a wordpress blog ID find this as well? or is it just my impatience and lack of technical knowledge that keep my comments bouncing back on me?

Ok last challenge. Without any restrictions, which is your favourite book setting that you recommend to everyone? Tell me in the comments below.

PS. If you wonder which one is my most recent favourite book head to my J post


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  1. I’ve always been fond of seaside settings. Congratulations again!

    • jebjork says:

      Oh I like that too! There are so many wonderful books set by the sea where the setting is an integral part of the book.

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