International Women’s Day

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day.

The news over the past year have been filled with scandals involving degradation of women of many kinds from Hollywood starlets to a general #metoo campaign taking over social media, standing up against harassment of women. Working from the grassroots up I think is the way forward. Yes we need laws and regulations to make sure that everyone are treated equally. But laws and regulations rarely changes mindsets (or does so very slowly).

I am well aware of my privilege as a white, highly educated woman living in the western world. The freedoms I have of choosing how I want to live my life. No one is dependent on me bringing home money to support the family, and my younger brother would not dare to tell any of his three older sisters what to do (he might even say that it is quite the opposite, but he is the baby of the family). Growing up in Sweden and in our particular family, we were never thought that we would not be able to do whatever we wanted and the older I get, the more I appreciate the trust put in us as human beings of finding our own place in the world.

Some times it feels as if I can do more for the world, and perhaps I could, other times I’m thinking I do as much as I can to support women around the world. I have mentioned them before on this blog, but it is a wonderful non-for-profit organisation Women for Women International (UK specific site). Through their year long programme, they help women in war torn countries, by educating them about their rights, health and give them an opportunity to learn a skill to make a small income for themselves and their family. Recently one of my sisters graduated from her programme and I am waiting to hear from the new sister I have been paired up with.

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