Birthday Books

For someone who loves book as much as I do, I am a lucky person that my birthday always falls around the same week as the annual book sale in Sweden. Every year I sit down with the special sales catalogue (now in an electronic version) and make little stars by the books I want. I then send my wish list to my mum, who will go and find them in the bookshops and then lug them over to me here in London.

There is something about having books in my possession. I have hundreds on my shelves and tucked away in a closet that I haven’t read yet and I still keep adding more to my piles. And I still frequent my library. There you can be less choosy with what you pick up, a new author or a new genre because I find it easier to not finish a book I don’t like if I haven’t paid for it. My Kobo e-reader end up somewhere in the middle of my book buying habits. I usually don’t pay too much for my e-books, therefore I shouldn’t worry about abandoning them. But it bothers me that I can still see them, unfinished half-read on my device. My abandoned physical books always go to the book swap shelf at my library with the hope that someone else will enjoy it more and most of the time they have disappeared next time I arrive.

Now I can’t wait to see what my mum will bring me next time she visits.

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