Day 8 – NaNoWriMO


The first week has passed and I have hit my mile stones so far. I know towards the end of the month, I need to be ahead of the official word count for the days when I’m away so every day I try to write a couple of hundred more words than I have to.

So far so good.

My trick is to promise myself treats when I hit my targets, such as take away dinners and books. It always works! The rational part of me knows that I can buy myself these things any day, but the more artistic side of my brain feels extra good when I have earned the treat, rather than just buying it anyway.

If you are participating this year. What do you do to keep yourself motivated throughout the month?

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  1. I was catching up towards the end of the week but I have been away from the computer for a couple of days and need to catch up again… Still early enough in the challenge, I hope! I like your method of self rewards for hitting targets 😀

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