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I usually don’t review books this often, if these posts can even be called reviews but during the summer I usually have more time to read and a few books really struck me and I wanted to share.

I picked up A general Theory of Oblivion by José Eduardo Agualusa because of its author’s origin (Angola) and my ‘Around the world’ project, where I try to read at least one author from every country in the world. I am currently at 64 countries (31.22%) read. I started the around the world challenge in an effort to read at least one author from every country attending the London Olympics in 2012. It is now past Rio and heading for Tokyo 2020 and I’m only a third there, but I won’t give up. And finding lots of little gems along the way.

A general theory of everything

Book Cover – a general theory of everything

A general theory is a lovely story, just the kind I like, that meanders from one story to another. Odd stories that you don’t understand at first, until a couple of chapters later when suddenly a new piece of the puzzle is presented and you understand, and smile at the cleverness of the author. It is set in the time after Angola broke free from their colonial masters (Portugal) and Ludo is the central character that everything revolves around and all the stories return to in the end.

Do you have any suggestions of authors from a lesser known country that you could recommend?

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  1. Eva says:

    Do you have a list of the books you have read so far?

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