Summer holidays

School’s out for the summer!

There is always a special feeling when this happens, as if I’m still a pupil who can’t wait to throw my books to the wind and just enjoy the holiday. When in fact for me this is a time to catch up on all my writing projects and at the same time make sure that I don’t fall too far behind on my day-job admin tasks. I am not doing anything special this year, just enjoying London and all its fantastic places.

There are some writing projects that have been neglected this year because I have been so busy with my day-job. I hope to catch up as much as possible in the next couple of weeks on that, as well spending some time relaxing and reading.

As I will be focusing on other things this month, I will not be updating this blog until closer to the schools go back at the end of August. Have a lovely summer all of you and I will see you in about a month.

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