Bullet Journal update

Some months ago, I mentioned that I had started a Bullet Journal to organise myself. I am a bit of OCD when it comes to organisation and I like to have everything at the tip of my fingers on my computer. I was worried over how it would work to move it to a physical notebook, where it is not as easy to change and move tasks around. Also, many of the tasks I do during the week and months come back regularly and I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Many of the blogs/posts/vlogs I researched did not seem to have this problem, but as everyone was pointing out the greatest advantage with a bullet journal is that you can make it your own.

And I have done just that. I have taken certain elements from the initial bullet journal idea and adapted it to my life. What I have appreciated the most, is that I now journal every day and at the end of the month, I also summarise the month in a collage where I can use coloured pens, stickers, ticket stubs, clippings and other bits and pieces I collect during the month. This then becomes a valuable memory book for the future.

I still use my computer list, because it is easier to copy reoccurring tasks from there, but as I update my Bullet Journal every night, I also end up prioritising my computer list and some things have even migrated to my Bullet Journal. If I have extra time during the day I will go back to my computer list and work on anything extra. It has thought me to better estimate how many tasks I will fit in a day, which makes me getting through tasks more efficiently and I don’t go to bed with a feeling of failure of not completing my never ending to-do list.

Lots of Bullet Journal chroniclers share their layouts etc, but to me, it is a very personal journal and I prefer not to share it with anyone. If you do work better with visuals, there are plenty of pages on Youtube/Pinterest/Instagram where you can satisfy your needs.

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