Researching leads

I’m a historian by education. My day job as a gymnastics coach has nothing directly to do with my degree, but I use aspects of it everyday. I often use my research skills when working, but on a much more current level than digging through the past.

When writing I love the research part, sometimes so much that I’m in danger of over-doing it. I can get lost in a thread and forget what I was looking for in the first place. Not very many successful writers forget to write.

However, loving research has its upsides as well. Sometimes when I am lost in research I realise that it has taken me away from my topic to a topic that is more interesting, current or important and the book I planned to write is actually not the best it could be and needs to be tackled from a different angle. I might have gone down the wrong track for way too long and have spent hours researching when I should be writing, but in the end, if that path led me to much better written book, than that is all that matters.

It is all a balance.

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