Scheduling time to make time

As I wrote a couple of months ago I am very conscious about time and try to balance my work, writing and play time. If I don’t take the time to schedule something in (or out, which might happen) it will not happen.

I like what Swedish journalist and author Gunilla Bergensten said in an interview,

‘Make sure you build a daily life you like. And remember that you can take away pieces.’ (my translation from: Se till att bygga ihop en vardag du gillar. Och kom ihåg att man kan ta bort bitar)

I have put that quote on Sticky Notes on my computer to reminded myself every week when I prepare my weekly to-do list. Without a proper balance in life between all the ‘musts’ and ‘wants,’ I would not enjoy life as much as I do.

I am incredibly lucky that I get to work with something I love (gymnastics) as it makes life easier when I have to put down my writing projects for an extended period of time to catch up on lesson plans or any major issues that arise every now and then. On the other hand, because I mostly work in schools, there are then extended periods throughout the year when I can spend almost all my time focusing on writing. It’s all those bits in between when I have to juggle both I really think of how I choose to use my time. If I didn’t go out to dinner or drinks with friends or lay down in bed with a book on a lazy Sunday, I don’t think I could continue. Knowing that my life and the world in general is not falling apart around me because I take an evening or day off.

What do you do to make sure that your life is balanced between ‘musts’ to the ‘wants’?

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4 Responses to Scheduling time to make time

  1. I generally make to-do lists, but this month I sort of took each day as it was, because I had a few events that occurred unexpectedly. I decided to focus on family for a few weeks, and now I am returning my attention to freelance work. That is my luxury, because my husband is the wage earner. It is not my preferred way of life. I would rather have a regular, independent income, but alas, my job is to nurture and clean, and organise my family while they are young. If only there was a wage for being a housewife! 😉

    • jebjork says:

      There definitely should be a wage for a housewife! I think it is the Left party in Sweden who has that in their manifesto.

  2. mimi says:

    There are the things i must do to earn a living (after all, i am rather attached to eating pretty regularly). Then there are the things i must do to keep sane. After that, i do as much as i can and still get sleep. It’s the only way i’ve found that works for me.

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