It is the last post of this challenge and I can’t fill it. There are no streets in London I have had the reason to visit that start with the letter Z I have searched high and low for this elusive street, on every thinkable website and my trusty A-Z guide, but alas this post will sit empty, like this street I once walked past in the busy finance district.

Z - empty street

It amazes me that in a city that has a larger population then the whole of Sweden on a totally normal day, when life go on all around, there are streets like this that are absolutely abandoned.

The last extra bits: Have I missed out your favourite street? Is there a street I have to visit to fulfil my London experience? I’m waiting eagerly for your last recommendations.


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6 Responses to Z

  1. Excellent job on completing the challenge! I love the photo of the abandoned street!

  2. messymimi says:

    Congratulations on finishing out the challenge! We have a couple of Z streets, my favorite is Zeeland Drive.

  3. Eva says:

    It’s a great ending.
    EvaMail Adventures

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