York Street

York Street - sign

The Grand Old Duke of York of the song has a street in London named after him, or maybe it is after the Yorkshire town. This particular street is located in Marlybone and I have reason to walk down it every Thursday evening as it lead me to the Swedish church in London, where every Thursday I sing in the Swedish church choir.

Living abroad on my own for most of my adult life I am not usually fussed about not being able to speak my native language or even visiting very often. I mostly feel like I’m a citizen of the world, but I have started to cherish the time I spend on a Thursday evening, speaking Swedish and being as Swedish as I can. It relaxes my brain in a way that many other things I do don’t. Then of course the act of singing in itself helps sprout endorphins around the body (don’t ask me for a more physical explanation because I wouldn’t be able to give you one).

No matter how tired I am, half way through my working week, I leave the choir energised and fuelled up, ready to handle a busy weekend. So whenever I walk down York Street I know I’m walking towards something good.

The other bits:  Other ways to boost my energy – visiting my local library and browse the shelves. What do you do when you’re in need of an emotional energy boost?


Latest book haul from my local library!

Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite Y street in London or in your own hometown/favourite city.


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  1. messymimi says:

    That does sound like Thursday evenings would recharge you, and York is such a British name. We have a Younger Road here, but i don’t think it does make us any younger to travel on it.

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