St Mary Axe

St Mary Axe - sign

St Mary Axe is home to one of the many sky scrapers in the City of London, this one with the lovely nickname ‘The Gherkin’ because of its shape. I doubt few people actually knows its real name, which is simply 30 St Mary Axe. Like many other buildings in London it has become a symbol for the London skyline, with its rounded top and black criss cross patterned exterior.

It’s not a public building and does not have the public space like the walkie-talkie, which makes the people who have access to it a very exclusive club. Once a few years ago, during Open House London I queued for six hours in the rain to ride the elevator to the top. But it was worth it. Stepping out of the elevator and look up to the albeit cloudy sky through the cone-shaped, latticed roof, was quite an experience. I remember standing there staring up into the ceiling and past the glass panels. It was definitely worth all that queueing, even though I would probably not do it again.

In Tokyo, we ran into a peeled version of ‘the gherkin’

St Mary Axe - skalad gurka

The extra bits: Sherlock Mews. Being a big Sherlock Holmes fan, I couldn’t help but add this small back alley to my posts. It’s not far from Baker Street, and it would be interesting to know how it got its name and if it was named before or after the famous detective put his mark on London.


Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite S street in London or in your own hometown/favourite city.


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  1. Wow, I would not have the patience to queue for 6 hours! I’m sure it was a unique experience, though ☺️

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