Greenwich Church Street

Greenwhich Church Street - Cutty Sark

Greenwich Church Street is a snippet of a street in the old royal naval village Greenwich. The street leads to the Cutty Sark an old navy clipper and part of the many historical places on this side of town.

Part of Greenwich is Greenwich park, a hilly greenery once part of the royal hunting grounds in this area. It offers a beautiful view over London and the royal observatory as well as the famous red ball that drops every day at one o’clock. In the olden days it was used to tell the ships along the Thames the time.

Greenwhich maritime museum

Every summer there is a 10K fun run in the park which is part of a three race Royal Park Run. At Greenwich Park it is a challenging run because of its elevation. I have run it twice and like the challenge compared to the somewhat easier courses in Regent’s Park and the very flat course at Hyde Park. It is not a run for a personal best, but it is one for a challenge if you like hills.

The race organisers are a great bunch, always encouraging, always accommodating and put on a great show three Sunday mornings over the summer (they arrange winter events as well, but I prefer to race when it’s warm, winters for me are a recovery period).

Greenwich - Running medaljer

The extra bits: I love the inventiveness of the streets of London (and elsewhere in the country) during my travels I found many fanciful names in my travels that evoke great pictures in my mind from Mousegrave Lane in Weymouth to Gutter Lane, according to this website it is a corruption of Godrun Lane, but I like to think it stems from something more gory. It is great inspiration for character traits. What character in a story would live on the somewhat gruesome sounding Gutter Lane?

Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite G street in London or in your own hometown/favourite city.


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  1. Eva says:

    I remember an exceptionally sunny day in Greenwich park during my second visit to London. That contrast with your pictures!

    And yes, some names of streets are really inspiring.

    EvaMail Adventures

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