Edith Villas

Edith Villas street sign

This was the first street I lived on when I moved to London, nine years ago. In a basement flat. My first encounter with damp walls that seem to be following me wherever I have moved since. The area around West Kensington station will always have a fond memory to me, I sometimes travel down there to get a takeaway falafel wrap from across the street from Best Mangal or eat at the Chinese Place around the corner, where the owner always seems to remember me, or he just have the knack of the restaurant trade of making his customers feel welcome no matter how often the come.

Edith Villas street view

The extra bits: Not technically on Edith Villas, but Best Mangal on the adjacent road serve the best falafel warps this side of town.

Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite E street in London or in your own hometown/favourite city.


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  1. Eva says:

    I don’t know this area. Reading your posts for the challenge makes me travel!

    EvaMail Adventures

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