Charlotte Street

Charlotte street sign

Charlotte Street is a surprisingly quiet street, considering it is cornered by the bustling of Oxford Street (the largest shopping street in London) and Tottenham Court road (another large, bustling street). But because it is not a thoroughfare from Oxford Street it does manage to keep a sense of not being central London at all. On busy days when I have to go into central London, I often use Charlotte Street and other nearby streets as short cuts, away from the noise pollution of the larger roads in the area.

The street is mostly occupied by restaurants that in the summer have their windows opened and seating outside. It’s mostly chain restaurants, but are reasonable good. My favourite Mexican restaurant Wahacca has recently opened a venue at Charlotte Street with its spicy street food, excellent drinks and a tequila bar. Charlotte Street also houses Charlotte Street hotel, where many years ago I had a lovely, luxurious cream tea with my sister.

Charlotte Street Hotel afternoon tea

I’m currently reading this book by Danny Wallace, to match my A-Z challenge (any reason to pick up a new book!)

Charlotte Street book

The extra bits: Another C-place to visit in London is the Crystal Palace, which was built for the large Great Exhibition of 1851 and originally placed in Hyde Park. An enormous cast-iron and plate-glass palace built to impress the masses of people that were attending the exhibition from all over the world. After the exhibition the whole structure was moved to south London to an area now named Crystal Palace. Unfortunately the palace itself was desecrated in a fire in 1936, but just looking at the foundations which still remains, speaks of the enormous size that would probably impress people even today.

Charlotte St - Crystal Palace

Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite C street in London or in your own hometown/favourite city.


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  1. Nancy says:

    I’ve subscribed and may not comment every day, but am really enjoying your posts. I def remember the Crystal Palace from my reading. I am working on a biography in that era. What a sight that was for the Exposition public.

  2. Eva says:

    Now I wonder if you have found other books matching the A to Z Challenge.

    EvaMail Adventures

  3. jetgirlcos says:

    Perfect! It’s really funny but I also found a book that matches my “C” post! I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival since I just ordered it. I’ll have to add to the post once it gets here!

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