In my younger days (I write those words and feel very old) I often felt that life will happen to you whether or not you’re actively doing anything about it, and in a sense it does. Life will continue around you, even if you decide to simply sit on a chair in the middle. However, as I get older I have realised that life is so much more fun if you take an active part and you make time for everything. It is so easy to say I would love to go travelling across the Himalayas but I just don’t have the time. Or I would love to write that book, if I only have time. But here’s my point: you have the time, if you take it.

I’m trying to become a master scheduler of my own time and there are certain times during the year when I will switch off every ‘must’ and actively take the time. Christmas is one of those periods. I go home to my parents house, I redirect my work email and I try my best to just live for the moment for a few weeks and spend it with my family and friends from home.

Another such day is coming up this weekend. A friend and I have our birthdays fairly close together and even if I have a million things to catch up on I will take the time to have a birthday dinner together, to eat and drink in excess and just celebrate that we are a year older. It is so easy once you get past a certain age, to say that my birthday is nothing special, nothing to celebrate, I’m no longer a child. But it is special if you make it special and rather celebrating that I am one year older, I celebrate that I have lived another year and will continue (god willing) to live another year after that.

But I need to schedule that time, or it won’t happen. No one else will take that time out for me.

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