Cheating in reading

Can you cheat when reading a book for pleasure?

The topic came up recently with my flat mates when one of them commented on how many books I get through. I explained that I read more than one book at the same time, so it looks like I’m reading more and their reply was ‘cheater.’

The comment kind of stopped me in my tracks. I never felt that I was cheating, by reading more than one book at the same time. It is not like reading for pleasure is a competition. It is simply different ways of reading a book.

Is the person compulsively reading the last page of a book before the first a cheater? If you put down a book before you get to the end, does that make you a cheater?

For a school assignment, basing your essay on Pride and Prejudice simply on Cliffnotes might make you a cheater, or at least it will be up to your teacher to judge you on that. But when reading for my pleasure only, it should not matter how I go about it. I love reading and I will leave it at that.

So share with me. How do you read? Not because I want to prove you right or wrong, but because I want to celebrate reading in any shape, form or speed.


Some of my books currently stuffed in my wardrobe while I sort out a better bookshelf for them

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2 Responses to Cheating in reading

  1. I don’t think reading more than one book at a time is cheating. While in college, I was reading five at a time, one for each class. Now, I’m typically reading at least two, sometimes three.

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