The Art of Chaos

I’m a very messy person, which anyone who has tried to enter my room can attest to. I work best if I am surrounded by what I’m currently working on. I often have piles of notes everywhere, that I know I will need some day.

It is a rare occasion when my desk look this tidy (and to some it may not look tidy).


This is as close to tidy my desk will get

I managed this after several hours of cleaning and organising and at the end of it, I still only have enough space for my laptop. This was my great effort when I came back after Christmas and felt I had enough with the messiness. I kept this for about a week, then my desk went back to looking like its normal self, where I have to balance my laptop on top of piles of papers and I have to dig through another pile just to get to my printer.



Notice the piles on the floor as well…

The interesting thing is that people who meet me in a professional capacity, often see me as an organised person, which in a way is true. I’m really good at presenting myself organised, coming well prepared to meetings etc. And I have an organised mind, I always think of my brain as a tidy archive filled with labelled boxes. It is just my physical surroundings that are messy.

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4 Responses to The Art of Chaos

  1. I like to work in a tidy space, but since I have no proper home office, and my children are avid crafters, you can imagine the chaos we end up with! I am currently perched on the edge of my dining room table, surrounded by piles of artwork that my youngest daughter brought home from preschool, a tin of assorted pencils and crayons, and random toys 🙂

    • jebjork says:

      it sound like our dining room table when I was young, four children always bringing home stuff from school and my mum would save everything.

  2. Sheila says:

    That looks familiar! This makes me think of a philosophy class I took a million years ago where I tried to convince the professor that I’m happier when things are messy. He didn’t believe me, but it’s true. Somehow it’s more fun that way.

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