Five FIRSTS to start the new year

The FIRST story I ever wrote was a blatant rip off of my favourite Christmas book ‘Hemma hos jultomten’ by Mauri Kunnas (At home with Santa Claus – my translation)

The FIRST proper novel I finished was a historical novel partly based in Hawai’i, my first NaNoWriMo project back in 2007. The novel is now lost on a floppy disk somewhere (perhaps for the better).

The FIRST memory I have of wanting to become a writer, was when during school holidays I typed my stories on the typewriter at my mum’s job and everyone seemed excited and wanted to read what I wrote. I think that even then I was reluctant to show my writing to anyone though.

The FIRST poem I ever wrote was a rhyme about summer and the small boat we used to own. It was a class assignment in year one.

The FIRST novel I dared to show anyone is now undergoing a major re-write and this is the year to finish it!

Feel free to share some of your FIRSTS!

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