Sankta Lucia…

…ljusklara hägring…

Tomorrow (Dec 13) is Lucia Day in Sweden, when Santa Lucia comes bearing light during the dark winter months. As an expat in London celebrating Swedish traditions have become more important and singing Lucia songs are one of my favourites.

Last year with the Swedish church choir we sang at St Paul’s Cathedral  and this year we’re in Westminster Cathedral.

Photo credit: St Paul’s Cathedral

Lucia is a peaceful celebration before Christmas and it stops some of the Christmas crazy to overwhelm you. When I see Christmas decorations in the stores already in September, it makes me a bit sad and nostalgic for the times when I was young (was it always better?) and Christmas starting on the first of advent with the lighting of the first advent candle.


This was a makeshift candlestick a friend made for me when I lived in France

Lucia then becomes a stopping point halfway to Christmas. But I do forget that we spent autumn term practicing Lucia songs and lines to whatever Christmas play we would preform at end of term. Perhaps there was much more Christmas preparation than I remember because the context of my life is different now and I notice the stores Christmas decorations first.


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