NaNoWriMo Week 1 – The magic of write-ins

The first week of NaNoWriMo is always relatively easy. Your idea is fresh and exciting. Most of the time the writing flows.

My story is going amazing, I have worked on the idea for almost a year. I’m normally a planner, but this time I feel like a super planner. I spent more than eight months, getting to know the characters, working on the outline, thinking up devious things to throw in front of my main character (which always is the most fun part of planning).

I try to get the most out of the write-ins knuckling down with 10-20 other writers for a couple of hours to boost my word count. There is something magical happening at a NaNo write-in, partly based on the high dose of caffeine, but also just the sheer power of creative minds creating an environment made for imagining wonderful, colourful, sometimes scary worlds that will transform a reader and open new horizons. It is also nice to see all my fellow London Nanoers again, a whole year has gone by since I saw most of them last time and hear about their new stories.

Now on to the second week with a boosted word count and scenes to write.

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