Back to school

I’m back to proper work this week. All my schools are back in session and everything is slowly returning to normal.

Over the summer there are always some children who don’t return to gymnastics. In London you get a lot of families moving away, their parents change work, decides to move further out in the suburbs etc. This term I lost a sibling pair that I will especially miss. When the oldest started he was so shy and timid, it took a long time for him to come out of his shell, but once he did, it was like looking at a whole new person emerge. His younger brother was quite the opposite. He ran into class the first time, so excited and hasn’t stopped running since. The brothers will be greatly missed by all coaches.

Children develop so much in a short period of time and keep surprising you with their personality changes and how they react to different things. Adults have often settled into who they are and change take much longer to happen. This makes children a great inspiration for characters. In one child you have the fodder for two or three different characters in the span of a year and it is interesting how these little characters changes me and makes me react in different ways to keep up with them!

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