An abandoned rose

I found this bouquet of broken roses on the road the other day.

At first, I thought it looked so sad, abandoned on the pavement, witness to a possible romantic disaster. Then my imagination kicked in and I had three story lines fighting for attention in my mind. The scene had now become a perfect example to the question authors gets asked all the time, where does your ideas come from? Everywhere. Even from a bouquet of abandon roses on the pavement.

What are your thoughts when you see this picture? Does it have to be sad and tragic, considering the state of the flowers?

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2 Responses to An abandoned rose

  1. Oh yes, my imagination would have kicked in too. Great story starter, mine would be a sad one.

    • jebjork says:

      I tried to think of a non-sad story to try to be less predictable but it is interesting how some images are trained in your mind to provoke sad emotions.

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