Books, books, books

I decided this year that I should try to clean out my bookshelves. I live in a very confined space at the moment and having several piles of books on the floor, does not do much to improve on my living conditions. My goal this year was therefore to read as many books as I can from my physical shelves and then give them away. The cafe at my local library has a book exchange were I know my books will go to someone who will enjoy them.

Swiss Cottage book swap

Library cafe book swap shelf

The books I have left there previously have disappeared, that’s a good sign. The problem however, is the impossibility to go a whole year without buying any new books, especially if they are recommendations or on sale or new or old or…

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5 Responses to Books, books, books

  1. Oh…I don’t think I could ever go an entire year without purchasing a book. Of course I should…I have enough books to last me a lifetime. πŸ™‚

  2. I hear you! My book tower threatens to fall over every day, and then I try to walk past the book sale shelves in the library and I’m done for! I will read them all, eventually… πŸ˜‰

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