The Night Circus and Fairy Tales

I’ve finally got around to reading the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. My copy has black figures on a white background with red sprayed painted pages, quite fitting for the revêurs. I have seen the reverse of this cover, white on black, but I think mine is prettier. The figures on the front together with the blood read pages, draws you in and you want to open the book and read it.

Night circus review

The story itself is magical and mystical about magicians and love and secret quests. Erin Morgenstern is excellent at writing a story that pull you in, that makes you see the tents at the wonderful night circus. But mostly it makes me want to write captive fairy tales. Fairy tales that make adults who no longer believe in fairy tales, believe that the unbelievable is happening and there is nothing your rational mind can do about it.

I guess that all fiction is a fairy tale in some way and your job as an author is to make the unbelievable believable, but I think the challenge becomes greater when your topic is so far from reality that you have to trick the mind that it might just be true.

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3 Responses to The Night Circus and Fairy Tales

  1. That would be difficult to write. Great cover!

  2. I read that version as well, and I was also drawn in by the enchanting cover! The book did not quite reach my expectations, I cannot say why. I enjoyed it, but it did not stay with me like others have.

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