Part of the training for my upcoming half marathon, I am currently working on increasing my speed. I tend to be a slow long-distance runner, mostly because I don’t have a real desire to become faster and beat my time. As long as I make it under 2 hours 30 minutes I’m happy. If I go under 2 hours 20 min I’ll be very happy. Under 2 hours 15 minutes you’ll see my dancing on the finish line.

Despite not having a defined speed goal, I do understand the need to increase my slow shuffle to at least make my slowest time. Therefore I force myself once a week to train at speed. These session always exhaust me and it takes longer to recover from them, but then there is the small glimmer of excitement when I do my long runs over the weekend and I have that bit more of energy to complete the run on a high.

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3 Responses to Velocity

  1. Wishing you the best in the half marathon. I’d like to do that one day.

  2. Dianna Gunn says:

    I’ll honestly never understand the marathon thing, but good luck on your journey!

    My own personal way of getting exercise is learning to bellydance, which I personally find way more fun.


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