I love doing research. I love getting caught up in someone’s story, delve into stacks of books, searching the Internet for the most obscure fact, follow it to its source (you can never be too careful online).

There is a reason why I have a Master Degree in history, even though it has nothing to do with my day job. Not even if I tried, could I use my knowledge about the nationalistic feeling of the Greenlanders in my coaching positions, or the prevalence of Swedish immigrants in the Wisconsin area, two of my favourite subjects.

When I have a reason to visit the British Library I get giddy from ordering my books online the day before, knowing that when I get there, they will be there waiting for me. If I have a whole day to spend there it gets even better.

A super nerd, I am. I know.

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  1. There’s certainly nothing wrong with being a “super nerd.” 🙂

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