Poor little Q


Stackars lilla Q (Poor little Q – my translation) by Maria Gripe was one of my favourite books when I was young, sadly I don’t think it has been translated outside the Nordic countries. In my native tongue (Swedish) Q is not a letter used very often, hence the plot of the book, poor little Q that no one wants to use.

Despite having lived in English speaking countries for many years, there are still trace of my native tongue that can’t be erased and not just my accent. This is where young children are perfect in their honesty. If I say something that is not quite right to the children I coach, they will correct me, whereas adults often let it pass or are very apologetic that they have to correct me. It probably irritates some people to be corrected, but I prefer it so that I learn.

And in English I can use Q as much as I like. No more poor little Q.

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2 Responses to Poor little Q

  1. Aww, thank you for the insight into your native tongue! Poor little Q, indeed! 🙂


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