Today’s letter lends itself to a shout out for Libraries.

In times of austerity, the arts and other non-direct profit making institutions suddenly seem to become pointless to support.

They are not!

I cherish the library space and even though I use it quite traditionally, borrowing books and as a quiet writing space, I always meet people who use the computers for study/work, or for finding work. The children’s area is a space for children to explore not only books from a young age, but their social surrounding as well, while parents/carers can catch up with other parents/carers.

Libraries are community spaces and they are needed. I can agree that they need to evolve into something more than simply lending books, but the space is there to do something special in a community.

When I still lived in the area, I was part of the community group to try to save Kensal Rise library from closing. Unfortunately it didn’t go quite as planned, but the group has been promised space in the new development to open a (smaller) community run library.

Visit your local library today, even if it is just to have a walk around and increase the footfall for today.

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9 Responses to Libraries

  1. Dianna Gunn says:

    I think too many people assume libraries are just about the arts. At least where I live they also host free/affordable ESL classes for newcomers and a variety of other newcomer resources including job hunting resources. There are so many different reasons why libraries are important.

  2. I love libraries. I delight in the scholarly atmosphere of university libraries, but especially like my little local neighborhood library which is as you said such a wonderful community space. Ours has a tiny little garden out front and a little reading patio out back.

  3. I am very upset to hear the plight of our libraries. We visit our local library at least once a week for the regular “Rhymetime” play session for toddlers and preschool children. During school holidays we can count on our library to provide activities for all the children. During the Easter break, for example, we did a clay modelling session that was brilliant fun. We use the library to socialize, to try new activities, and of course, to read and borrow books.

    But it isn’t only the children. My library has always been a constant companion in times of need. Whenever I feel stressed, I walk into the library and hide among the stacks. The sight and smell of my cherished friends always makes me feel better 🙂

  4. My local, independent library, Makiki Community Library, is where we hold our monthly Sisters in Crime/Hawaii meetings. I am a member of the library board and had the honor of presenting the library with a $1k grant awarded through the SinC, Inc. We Love Libraries grant program. I have always loved libraries.

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