GMy life and blood (and also my day job).

I was never a good gymnasts, average at the best the team carried me more than I helped them (I did TeamGym, not the kind you see at the Olympics, see an explanation here). I am however a better coach.

What drives me to be a better coach is the same Curiosity that drives my writing, questions that I have to seek answers to. I am not happy keeping things ticking along because it works.

I don’t coach competitive gymnastics any more, I gave that up for too many reasons to go into here. I teach at competitive clubs though, because I think it is important the option is there for those gymnasts and coaches who want to go down that road. My favourite classes to teach are preschool, where you get a chance to be part of forming a young child’s mind, get them interested in sports, movement and health. Important things that will keep them healthy and fit for the rest of their lives in gymnastics or in any other sport.


Happy handstand

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