Fairy tales

FI grew up among books. I had parents who read to me and I started to read on my own when I was still quite young (apparently upside down, while my three years older sister did her homework).

Stories that has always captured my imagination the most are fairy tales. Fairies and gnomes, animals who talk and have their own personalities, a glittering magic world, somewhere beyond ours. There is a line though, take it too far from reality and it no longer interests me. So what then is too far? Difficult to say. Something shimmering like Sarah Addison Allen’s The Sugar Queen, sets off my imagination, where reality is closely interlinked with the imaginary, close enough to make me believe and be drawn into the story. A bit of shimmering magic to brighten up a cloudy day.

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One Response to Fairy tales

  1. I agree completely but also have trouble defining where the line is. There has to be a certain amount of familiarity for me to enjoy fantasy or fairy tale. It can’t be an entirely made up world.

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