Dialogue, not my favourite thing to write.

It took me a while to figure out that I shouldn’t write everything in a dialogue exactly as it was laid out in my mind. Person number 1 revealing all its information to person number 2, who answers all the questions truthfully and fully. I knew this was not how a conversation worked in real life, still when it came to my characters, that’s what I did.

And then, just like with many other things I learnt in writing, I read somewhere this was a big no and a light bulb comes on. I quickly went through all my recent Work In Progress and changed my dialogues. They are far from perfect, but at least my story holds up better and my main character have to struggle to find what they want to know.

I am still not a fan of writing dialogue and if I could get away with it I would, but because I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, I am stuck with writing dialogues the best I can.

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  1. Lori Carlson says:

    Dialogue plagues me too, Josefine. I get lost for words to replace “said” and “asked” all the time! I usually end up doing an action and then just having the character speak, but even that can become daunting after a while. Good luck with your WIPs!
    Best Wishes!

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  2. We all know as writers that the admonishment, to write well, you must read well, is TRUE. Studying dialogue by favorite authors is another way to help ourselves out. Happy to find another writer in these early days of the #Challenge. If you have an interest in historic hotels and inns, that’s what I have been up to for this year’s theme. Join me if you have time.

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