I am not very good with technical stuff and realised that my scheduled blogs had not been posted for the last two days, despite having done a dry run in March. Anyway, I’m back home and will fully participate in the A-Z blog challenge from now on. If anyone are interested in my two first posts, you can find them below this post (hopefully!)

Curiosity drives my writing. I usually start my stories with a subject that I want to know more about, the details the small stuff that makes up a good story. I’m the most satisfied when I sit down at my writing desk with a string of research questions ahead of me. When I can delve into a book to find an answer or search the Internet for witness accounts or the latest conspiracy theory.

My writing is firstly subject driven, then comes the emotions and the characters. I read a snippet of something somewhere and I want to know more. First the Whats? then the Whys?

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  2. Molly says:

    I am highly curious as well. I typically explore my Whats and Whys (and sometimes Hows) through journaling. Later, I may turn that investigation into a blog post or personal essay. Someday I hope to combine that curiosity with imagination and delve more into fiction writing.

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