While I’m soaking at a spa in Budapest, this post will be travelling around the world, being part of the AtoZ blog challenge.

I escaped the dreary weather in London for a weekend in Budapest with my mother and two sisters. At the moment, we are either soaking at a spa, out shopping or drinking at a bar (my sisters and mother are not much for the historical sights, I’ll be happy if I can drag them to one or two sights of historical interest).

We try to get away with ‘just the girls’ every year, leaving dad, brother and husband at home for their own adventure. A time to catch up on life, gossip and simply relaxing together away from our normal world. As we grow older and no longer live in the same cities (or the same countries) it is nice to be able to get away together. It happened to be Budapest this time, next year it might be somewhere different. Suggestions?

Fun Fact: While I was doing some random research writing this post, I came across the ‘fact’ that SPA is supposed to be an acronym for the Latin phrase Salus Per Aquam (health through water), cool right? Except it is not an acronym, it is a backronym – a word or phrase that tries to fit into an acronym, after the fact.
I learnt a new word today.
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5 Responses to Budapest

  1. djinnia says:

    wow! budapest! never been out of my country before. it sounds amazing! well, so does london too!

    and i have learned a new word today too.

  2. randommusings29 says:

    Sounds like a fab weekend, I hope you all enjoy it 🙂

  3. Your getaway sounds lovely. And thanks for the new word (backronym)!

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