And we’re off…


It’s the first of April, the day when friends, family and everyone else is allowed to try to trick you. Did you fall for any April fools nonsense this year?

I once wrote a story based on April fools’ tricks, as a kind of parallel Groundhog Day universe. Not very successfully I might add and it is probably hidden on a floppy disk somewhere, better off forgotten. But sometimes it is fun to write something just to try it out. Not feeling restricted by the fact that someone needs to see it, read it, like it, for it to be real.

I have dreams and plans that some day I want to become a published author, but that means writing to a target audience, which can feel restrictive to creativity, therefore is this kind of challenge so liberating. With the urgency to publish every day, I will have less time to contemplate if an audience might like a piece or not. Hopefully your comments will guide me throughout the month.

Keep up and you might eventually find something you like.

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