As a Swedish ex-pat currently living in London, UK there are certain things I miss from home, mostly food. My favourite Scandi store Scandikitchen satisfy most needs but there are certain things that I didn’t know I missed until I get back home. Things that reminds me of my childhood and what makes it home. How the train announcer always sound so surprised reaching the next stop. ‘Next stop Ramlösa. Ramlösa?’ Or how you often see quite young children on their own, walking to and from school, without a nanny/carer/parent fuzzing around them. Not a sight you see very often in London.

Homesickness is a strange thing and I think it is more about longing to be somewhere different, getting away from the daily routines. Like reading a book! Currently I am enjoying reading about Polynesia in The Happy Isles of Oceania by Paul Theroux, another escape from the daily grind.

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