Last thoughts before I shelve this year’s NaNoWriMo

Even if I didn’t come out of NaNoWriMo this year with a story I like and want to work on in its current form, during the last couple of weeks I have thought much about what I learnt.

The creative mindset this challenge pushes you into, gave me some good ideas I will work on during next year. When your brain is constantly on ‘plot thinking’ other ideas pop in to your head and considering I rarely throw away anything else in my life, I kept these ideas on the back burn through November.

Something else that I learnt is that half flying by the seats of my pants does not work for me at all. I looked at my word count from the first week and I was behind my normal NaNoWriMo rate. Everything I can remember of that week was a slug, where every word was painful to produce. I have one day, only five days in when I managed 296 measly words. Looking at my previous years that usually happens during the third week. But I am stubborn and working towards a deadline, I picked myself up and moved on. NaNoWriMo brought back an instinct into my life that I used in my younger days as a competitive athlete never to give up. One bad writing day doesn’t make a bad story. Move past it and something good will come.

Writing on location can be really exciting and generate new ideas. From now on I will try to do this more often. A great way of exploring a new neighbourhood, while also get some valuable writing done.

Now it is almost time for my Christmas break and I will be busy stuffing myself with lots of Swedish Christmas goodies.

Pepparkaka deg Pepparkaksdeg – Gingerbread dough

Happy Holidays where ever you are in the world and what ever you celebrate. Let this be a time when peace prevail.

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  1. Wishing you peace and joy in the new year!

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