NaNoWriMo winner – what now?

After I wrote 50 000 words this past month, I need some uninterrupted sleep. Then I need to shorten this story to a short story, or a novella at least. It was around half way through when I realised that the story idea didn’t lend itself to a full novel. There just wasn’t enough plot in the story without adding padding, which I really don’t want to.

However, as I signed up to the challenge of writing 50 000 word, I did. Some of it is the plot I had envisaged, some of it is background that I wrote mainly for myself, and some of it is just plain drivel that I wrote during a caffeine infused all-night write in. Most importantly I wrote something. I have 50 000+ more words than I had before and if I had ignored this idea, it would have stayed in my head interfering with other, perhaps better, ideas.

Positives from this November: I made it past the goal post of 50 000 words and collected my winner’s certificate, I did some fun on-site research and now I can go back to my old project, which I hope to send to my Beta readers before the end of the year.

Total Word count: 51 751

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