London research

My NaNoWriMo novel this year is partly based in the City of London, so today I walked the streets around Liverpool station and Bank to breath in the atmosphere and pace of the city workers.

I stopped to write in coffee shops along the way to work on my word count. Keeping track on my journey through my Twitter feed and took pictures to add to my research folder to use later when I need a boost of inspiration.

I finished at the library of my Alma Matter simply because it has proved before to be an inspirational place for writing (and charge my laptop).

Total word count for the day: 2 521 + another five hundred or so in notes

A good day.

Next week I am off to Hammersmith where the rest of my story takes place.

Current total word count: 16 871

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2 Responses to London research

  1. Excellent writing day! Great job!

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