I picked up an old manuscript recently. It was more than a year ago since I left it at the bottom of my drawer. I felt I had taken it as far as I could, but had not got very positive response from it and it was starting to drag me down so I needed to let it go and work on something different.

Then lately, I have been free writing around one of the supporting characters to make her more three dimensional. When I put away the original manuscript I knew the story was not quite what I wanted to tell. I thought the problem was with my main character and his story, but while free writing I realised that the main character’s story can’t change without the help of the supporting characters.

I have made my main character’s journey too easy. All ready in the first chapter, (where I disguised a prologue by calling it chapter one, cheating, I know), the reader knows who the story is about and can quite easily figure out what the outcome will be. Then it is just a matter of telling the specifics.

I have decided not to rush with this new development, as I am afraid that I will once again loose sight of the story I want to tell. I am going to restrict myself to work on it only once a week, hopefully this means I will always come into it with fresh eyes and lots of enthusiasm.

I hope this approach work. At the moment all my writing feels like a bit of an experiment, where I try new things to get out of a rut.

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  1. Keep working on that old manuscript, Josefine. On a whim, I pulled out an old and horrible manuscript, rewrote it and recently got my first publishing contract. 🙂

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